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New Year- New Challenges. Opening of show season 2022.

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

New year- new challenges.

Our team did the opening of show season 2022 on great level.

On Sunday 09.01.2022 the reputable Club of English Springer Spaniel (KASS) in CZ hosted a first club show in 2022 in Brno.

The show was judged by breed specialist and breeder - Renata Tetrevova, CZ

(kennel Dragons Manor).

There were 23 ESS entries, which is above average number for Slovakia, CZ , Poland or even Austria.

I was curiouse to hear the opinion on our both show dogs- so I entered Meli and Viggo.

Viggo was not shown much in 2021 as I was mainly focused on Meli and Viggo completed already anyway all the championships I planned to do with him , so it was time to get him back on track, and as it showed later- it was a great idea.

Meli (CH Ruthless Fergie) was shown in the champion class at her age of 20 months young.

She won the class and later she was best adult bitch, Brno Winner and finally- Best of Opposite Sex. I can not stop enjoying reading the feedback from the judge on Meli. 

Viggo (CIE, MultiCH Ruthless Viggo) was shown in the working class at the age of almost 7 yo.

Viggo won the class, and later he was best adult dog, Brno Winner and finally he took the Best of Breed title. 

To go to the club show and to win both titles is like a Christmas gift to me. I can not stop being grateful to the breeder Eva, kennel Ruthless for all her long term breeding investment and excellent program, but also for allowing me to have her dogs.

In the past years I was on several dogshows and club shows, but it was the 1st show were:

- Organization was like top working Swiss watchers, no delays, all explained in advance

- The judge was communicating to exhibitors- explaining decisions, commenting loudly on dogs, explaining pro’s and corns of each single dog so we all could follow the decision making process against the breed standard.

- All breed lovers and owners created a great atmosphere around the ring- people were catching up with each other, sharing, asking for the opinion, making the last minute grooming’s to allow the dogs to sparkle even more in the ring

- We had all a great after party with nice snacks and beverages prepared and shared by exhibitors.

So again a great afternoon in the company of nice people and excellently organized show.

Proud of our team Ruthless-Marieness.

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