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Few summer dog shows in 2022

We entered only few summer shows this year.

In May 2022 we went for Nitra Dogshow where we have entered both of our Ruthless dogs.

Meli in champion class got her CAC, CACIB and became best bitch.

And Meli completed the conditions for Slovakia Grand Champion:)

Viggo in chamption class got his CAC, CACIB, best male and BOS.

Judged by Vera Vitkova.( SK).

Second weekend of May we went again abroad to CZ for a club show of Club KASS being judged by CZ judge Miroslav Vaclavik.

Viggo was excellent in champion class.

And Meli was best bitch, speciality winner and finally BOS- Best of Opposite Sex! :)

In July 2022 we entered again a Nitra Dog Show and under the

judgement of Zofia Konderla from Poland

Meli won champion class 1/2 with CAC, best bitch with CACIB and finally

went BOS- best of opposite sex. :))

Viggo won champion class with CAC, best male with CACIB and finally he was BOB- best of breed. :)))

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