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And it’s the most wonderful time of the year.🎄

..... and it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

The year 2022 comes to its finishing line and for me it’s time to look back and put together a retrospective of the year.

The year was very demanding and challenging for me personally and on the opposite side very much rewarding for me with my dogs and their achievements.

As the pandemic finished, it took away also masks from people and showed their true faces, feelings, and connections to me.

It was not always the most pleasant view to see and watch but honestly its easier to know a true face of whom you talk to.

I am grateful for the one’s who stayed close to me, donated me with positive mind, good mood, motivation and showing me on how to behave rather then not.

I am so much proud of my dogs and look forward for the next adventure of 2023.

Let me summaries our main achievements in show rings.

Meli (Ruthless Fergie) was shown on ca. 14 dog shows and she was always winning the best bitch place (she lost only once being a 2d best bitch)

Meli was awarded 6 times Best of Breed in strong competition on international, national, club shows in CZ, SK, HU. She was awarded 5 times Best of Opposite sex title, where 2 of them she was toped of our own Ruthless Viggo.

Meli was presented on 4 club shows and specialty shows in SK and CZ and she was awarded 2 times Best of Breed under breed specialists

Linda Volarikova( K), Mauro Mostura( IT) and 2 time Best of Opposite Sex- under Renata Tetrevova(CZ) and Miroslav Vaclavik (CZ).

Meli also added a new title - National Winner into her collection, to addition to her 7 CACIB’s this year, she was also a BIS 3 and BIG 4 during only few shows where we stayed also for finals.

And last but not least- Meli became an international show champion – CIE- just at the age of 25 month old

. And the last cherry on Melis’ cake- she is the num 1. show bitch of Club KASS, CZ and the absolute winner of the challenge ( a picture to follow)

Ruthless Viggo was not shown this year so often as he has completed already all the adult championships, we had opened with him.

He was presented only on 6 dog shows.

He added newly 2 x Club winner title from CZ and SK club show this year- once with title Best of Breed ( Meli was Best of Opposite Sex on this show) and once with title Best of Opposite Sex ( Meli was Best of Breed on this show).

Viggo added 2 new CACIBs to his collection also with BOB under Zofia Konderla (PL) and BOS under Viera Vitkova (SK).

I want to express my big thank you and congratulations for Viggo’s and Meli’s breeder Eva Madziova for all her help and advices in the show and grooming area.

My life motto- treat the people the way you want to be treated- I take it also proudly into year 2023, wishing you all a nice holiday season and a successful step in into the new 2023.


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