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Who created Fergie Ruthless

Today is 30.11.2021 and its finally snowing here or even its more like raining cats and dogs:).

The dogs pack is at home and I just finished my work duties and realized by that weather there is no better momentum to drop few lines about the parents of our Meli- Ruthless Fergie.

Baby Meli- 7 weeks old
Baby Meli- 7 weeks old

Dam: Yohannah Ruthless

I remember very well the day when I have seen Yohannah for the first time in real life, after I followed her pictures shared regularly by Eva to me. I was overwhelmed on how sound and to the standard she was, I looked into her and my brain dictated to me word by word the sentences from the breed standard description.

Her elegant head is a true typical masterpiece continued by the typically sized, compact body with strong bones, the elegant neck flows into the correct topline which both front and back continued down into the moderate correct angulations. The bitch is a future mother of a litter, I like to see bitches who have power and strongness of the bones, who look healthy and have appearance we want to replicate further. This is how Yoh looks to me.:)

Yohannah is not a true fan of showrings but her movement in free is eye capturing – strong, typical with happy tail.

Yohannah’s sire (Roqfolly Balroom Blitz) is a grandson after the legendary Wadeson Inspector Wexford

and Yohannah is from Lucka(Ruthless Lucy z Zaglebia) whose dam Nikita Ruthless was a granddaughter of 2 legendary sires-

Mompesson Perfect Partner and Calmoly Peter Piper.

For me- Yohannah’s pedigree is a breeding masterpiece with the best lines and producers in it, all following the same type of the breed.

Sire: Roqfolly for your Eyes only

In January 2020 many of us were doing plans for upcoming show season and the 1st show event we all were looking forward was for the Crufts in England in March 2020.

Together with both Ruthless Evas we have had booked our tickets to Birmingham, hotel was booked and were looking forward to follow the best English springer spaniels on the famous green carpet.

As its well know- Man plans and God laughs- the pandemic discussions started to be more ‘’close’’ to us in February and it was clear to us we will not risk and will not fly to Crufts on 1st March 2020 weekend.

And how surprised I was to find out, that all the time Eva negotiated to get over to Europe- the son of legendary Mompesson Royal Destiny- the handsome Connor.

In March 2020 Connor took his longest life car trip and arrived to the continent and CZ. You can imagine on how much negotiation capabilities, time investment and overall dedication Eva needed to do to get Connor reallocating to Europe.

For me the hope for the dream litter started- where I hoped to get one day a puppy after Connor out of my dream Yohannah.

I will not spend words to describe Connor- you can see all from the pictures or some had a chance to see him life on some shows in 2020.

He is just The true English springer spaniel.

Now Connor enjoys his show ring retirement in the best company of nice and great springers in kennel Ruthless.

We have seen so far 4 litters after Connor in Europe- 4 very stable litters out of 4 very much different bitches, with variety of pedigrees and not being common at all. The puppies he has produced seemed to be promising, strongly representing the standard and being healthy.

I am looking forward to follow all those ‘’ hopes’’ but even more I am proud to have one of his promising offspring at home. Our Fergie Ruthless- our breeding hope and believe.

As my mentor Eva taught me- in breeding we do not produce anything new, our highest goal is to replicate the best from the best we have in the pedigrees.

My goal is to continue to connect and replicate the best from Meli’s lines.

Yohanka & Connor
Yohanka & Connor

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