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Top show ESS club KASS, Cz and club show on 08.01.2023

What a final dot after the show season 2022.🥂

As a recognition for club members- also this year the Club KASS in Cz opened a challenge for Top show english springer spaniel in the club.

We had overall around 20 dogs who submitted the results of the challenge.

Our handsome Ruthless Viggo and my ❤️ champion was showed on limited shows in 2022 but still he managed to get into the 2d place as male! 🥰

Our raising star ⭐️ and our show team member Ruthless Herbert who joined us on some dogshows in 2022- managed to get the 3d place as a male.🥰

The queen of our house and the love of my ❤️ Ruthless Fergie with the 689 points collected won the challenge as the place female and finally became the absolute club

winner for 2022.

We have been awarded during the club show on 08.01.2023 in Brno by the club chairman Eva Pelechova. Eva prepared the great surprise for club members with stylish diplomas and great winner cups with individual names! 🥂

The winner cup for absolute winner will be changing the owner each year by the winner!

Happy about our results and big appreciation to the club!

To enter the show season with the correct foot - we entered our dogs to the club dog show on 08.01.2023 in Brno which was judged by spaniel specialist Viera Vitkova(SK).

Our dogs proved to be in excellent show condition and got very nice criticts.

I was entrusted to show Ruthless Herbert, who at the age of 18 months won his class and collected the third CAC in Cz into his collection. ⭐️

Our queen Ruthless Fergie won the working class and got her last CAC to gain the CZ champion titel!❤️

And our Mr. Bombastic- Ruthless Viggo won champion class and finally was running with my helper Eliska to his win as best male- Brno Winner!!!

Thanks to Eliska for the help in the ring and for the excellent handling of Viggo😘

It was a fabulouse day with excellent ESS positive people and great and funny after party as always.:)

Thanks to the club for great recognitions, presents and awards and for all people around the ring for making a day so memorable in positive sense😘🫶.

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