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Happy New Year 2024! Look back at Year 2023.

Updated: Jan 9

Happy New Year 2024!

We, from Marieness, wishing you all a great start into the year 2024 and let it be full of joy, happiness and health.

To open a new chapter of life, let me share with you the short summary of our year 2023 which was full of great show results, trials and overall magic happening by us.


I am very much proud to mention that both Meli (Ruthless Fergie) and Ruthless Herbert showed themselves on breed trials and confirmed to be great gundogs.

In July 2023 I present Ruthless Herbert on row blood tracking exam and he passed it in 1st. Prize and great feedback from judges.

In August 2023 I took both Ruthless Herbert and Fergie for the autumn retrieving exam and both showed the best qualities- they passed the exam in 1st. Prize. Meli was overall on 1st place with full amount of points and Herbert just behind her on 2d place.


During the whole year 2023 Ruthless Herbert fulfilled conditions for Slovak and CZ Championship, not even being 2 years old! In Autumn – Herbert completed his Slovak Grand Champion title and later just at the age of 2.5 years- he completed his international show champion title (CIE). With Herbert we also showed in several final's competitions where he always placed.


Meli, at the age of 3,5 years, finished her last open championship in Poland and also in Austria and is now a proud owner of 5 championships and CIE.


Viggo completed his very last life championship- being the Slovak Veteran Champion, Club Veteran Winner in Slovakia and CZ. He is now happily retired from show carrier and enjoys his happy life at home.

During year 2023 we showed on 3 KASS club shows in CZ- showing under the judges in KASS club. We returned home with best male, Club winner male, 2 x Veteran BOB and 1x Junior BOB. In Slovakia we entered only for one club show KCHPS- and Viggo became also Veteran BOB and then BIS Veteran. In Austria Viggo became Jagdspaniel Klub AT Club Champion.


In May 2023 Eva welcomed a treasure coming from Australia- the puppy bitch Kinsheran Ready for Ruthless sired by famous Clanach British Ray out of Kinsheran Simply Irresistible.

I am over the moon for the trust of both Eva’s who allow Ready to spend from time to time- some time by us at home, allowing me also to show her from occasionally on dogshows, and just to spend also some fun days with our pack at home here. For now Ready managed to become the Junior Hungaria Champion, and Club Show winner- as Junior Best of Breed.


By this, I am looking forward for year 2024 and what it brings to us at Marieness and Ruthless.


I will not be tired to repeat my appreciation to both Eva’s for their support, help, advisory, trust and just being always for me here.

Thanks a lot also to my husband who is my best partner in crime and my family for helping me and supporting me.

Thanks for everyone who is a fan of us at Marieness&Ruthless homes.

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